Accidental Iconoclasm


By Fr. John Hopko

In the tenth chapter of his Letter to the Romans, St. Paul the Apostle speaks of the possibility of possessing a zeal, even for God, which is misguided. In the Church we are to be zealous, that is, enthusiastic and passionate, but in a sober and carefully thought out manner, guided by the fullness of our Orthodox Christian Faith’s Holy Tradition. Also, in being guided by Holy Tradition, we must discern carefully between that which is truly of the Tradition and that which may appear to be so, but is, in fact, ill-advised.

At the present time in the Orthodox world there is a phenomenon that may seem to be in accord with Holy Tradition, but which is actually misguided and mistaken. This phenomenon is the abundant reproduction and use of iconographic images in all sorts of ways and places that may initially seem acceptable, but…

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