Those Amazing Humans, #327, Prem Rawat, AKA Maharaji

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When I got to Western Sonoma County in the early seventies, there was a lot of talk within the counterculture about a new guru. Lots of folks had become mesmerized by a chubby charismatic teenager who liked squirt guns, ice cream and motorcycles, yet could make you forget all your cares and troubles and find inner peace. A musician, who hailed from the same South Florida town as this author, was one of the devotees of the transcendental teen, known as Maharaji. After joining the Divine Light Mission, guitarist Bill Ande, who had seen success previously while touring the world with a band known as the American Beatles, changed the name of his band to Seymour Light. Many others quit their jobs or left their friends and families to follow the roly poly spiritual leader.

When the grinning guru bubbled his way to the surface of my consciousness today to…

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