Sorry for My Theologizing

I Heart Barth

Karl Barth

Reading Barth is like taking in a breath of fresh air.  One would not naturally think this should be so when reading a book with “Dogmatic” in the title (as that word has taken rather negative connotations).  Not that Barth does not create difficulty with the breathing (its quite a struggle and rather slow going working through the Latin portions).  What I found so refreshing today was the following statement: “Dogmatics must always be undertaken as an act of penitence and obedience” (CD, I.1, p.22).  I am humbled to take up the task of theology and be reminded by Barth that this task always necessarily involves “penitence”.  Any orthodox theology must recognize that in some way or another we are speaking about what we do not fully understand and may speak amiss.  Theology (“dogmatic” as well) recognizes it speaks of God…the ineffable and invisible.  While God has made Himself known…

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