Christ Lives! In Him I Trust!

“Then each went off to his own house.” —John 7:53

Zacchaeus encountered Jesus and opened his house to Him. That day, salvation came to his house (Lk 19:9). A royal official encountered Jesus, and Jesus promised to heal his son. “Jesus told him, ‘Return home’ ” (Jn 4:50). His son was healed, and his entire household “became believers” (Jn 4:53). A demon-possessed man met Jesus and was set free. He wanted to follow Jesus, but Jesus “told him instead: ‘Go home’ ” (Mk 5:19). The man told his family of the mercy of Jesus and all were amazed (Mk 5:20). For these people, Jesus was a home-maker.
The Jewish leaders of Jerusalem also encountered Jesus. They scorned Him, and returned home (Jn 7:53). Sadly, they missed the time of their visitation and lost the path to peace for their homes (Lk 19:42-44). Within forty years, their homes were totally destroyed…

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