Thy Cup of Intoxication (Psalm 22)

Sticky Green Leaves

I’ve been going to a Tuesday night Bible study with Mr. D__ and whoever else ends up being able to come. First we looked at Jonah, and are now going through the life of David interspersed with Psalms. It’s usually small, but Mr. D__ is knowledgeable and I like the other people, so it’s generally pretty good. These past few weeks we’ve been looking at Psalm 23 (22) and 34 (33). (Septuagint numbers are in parentheses)

In case you’re not familiar with the Septuagint (S), it was translated from Hebrew into Greek in Alexandria sometime before Christ; a few hundred years, if I recall correctly. There were 70 scholars working on it (hence, sept) and unanimously agreed on the translation. It’s different from the Hebrew texts currently known to us in a couple of ways: it includes what is commonly referred to as the Apocrapha not as something seperate…

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