Every mass=kiss

Christ Lives! In Him I Trust!

“The One I shall kiss is the Man; seize Him.” —Matthew 26:48, RSV-CE

Many of you who read this have been kissed passionately and have experienced the love and intimacy which accompanies such a kiss. Some of you have also been treated with indifference or even have been betrayed by the same person who kissed you earlier. Imagine, then, how Jesus felt in being kissed by Judas, His betrayer. Even so, Jesus never stopped loving Judas. He even addressed Judas as “Friend” after Judas sealed Jesus’ death with a kiss (Mt 26:50).
On this Palm Sunday, we open our lips to receive Jesus in Holy Communion. In effect, we receive a eucharistic kiss from Jesus (see Sg 1:2). Will we kiss Jesus with a kiss of loving intimacy, repentance, and commitment (see Lk 7:38), or will we give Him betrayal, indifference, and a kiss of death? (see 1 Cor 11:27-30)…

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