Listening for the 7th Trumpet

KennethBow's Blog

I am listening for the Seventh trumpet.

It is amazing to me how this number seven is associated with nearly everything sacred.

Through out the Bible, the scriptures rest upon it with peculiar emphasis.

It was on the seventh day that God ceased his work of creation and hallowed a rest, which has made the counting of time by septenaries of days the common and universal method from that day until now.

Seven days were given to Noah to gather in the tenants of the ark; and with him came over the flood seven persons, and sevens of all the clean animals. On the seventh month the ark rested On the earth again, and on the seventh day the dove was sent out.

Seven years of plenty and seven of famine were sent upon Egypt, as the Lord signified through Joseph.

Seven priests, with seven trumpets, were to encompass the…

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