Tongues as Spiritual Discipline

συνεσταύρωμαι: living the crucified life

Yes, I am a Pentecostal so I post about Pentecostal theological issues.  🙂

On the Pentecostal Theology Worldwide Facebook page…

(yes, this means this will be a bit of a long post and that you’ll have to put your thinking caps on.  🙂 )

…Mike Ivaska shared a blog post he put up about speaking/praying in tongues as spiritual exercise.  He writes in part:

…And that’s why I am starting to look at praying in tongues as a spiritual exercise.

Tongues as Spiritual Exercise

Once again, this is where our inner fundamentalists come out.  What is this weirdo hogwash I’m talking about?  What do I mean, “spiritual exercise”?  Well, I don’t mean transcendental meditation.  I don’t mean shutting off your brain and being “spiritual.”  What I mean is that when most of us experience what we would call our Spirit baptisms, what is happening is that we are learning…

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