Top 100 (ironic) reasons to be a Catholic

Joyful Papist

Ironic Catholic has listed 100 reasons to be a Catholic. Here they are, in groups of 10.

100. Christian Initiation is more involved than just signing into the membership book at the church office.
99. When someone decides to use glitter rather than ashes on Ash Wednesday (God bless them)…there are consequences.
98. When singing in the choir, it’s helpful to remember that the people listening are ordered to forgiveness before receiving Eucharist.
97. Hand puppets during homilies are (generally) discouraged.
96. Stephen Colbert is on our team.
95. We’ve got the Laser Monks!
94. Instead of just being weird…you can be a mystic.
93. Instead of just being an emotional mushpie…you can have the gift of tears.
92. Instead of being an extreme introvert…you can be a contemplative.
91. We’ve got theology; others have choir practice.

Orange is not a liturgical colour –…

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