Sermon – Saturday, 28th April (Easter IV)

Oxford Ordinariate Mission

A sermon preached by Fr Daniel Lloyd at Holy Rood, 28th April, 2012, Easter IV, Year B

When that totem of the Enlightenment Immanuel Kant wanted to try and prove that there were some things about the universe which you just can’t know, he did it using a rather particular sort of argument. Kant’s ‘antinomies’, as they’re called are two arguments, actually written or printed next to each other, in both of which the sequence of points followed is a valid one, and both of which rest on true premises. These two arguments, however, have completely opposing conclusions. So, it looks to us as though both this and that can be true at the same time, even though they say entirely opposite things. And if they could both be true, and we can’t prove one over the other, then, says Kant, we’ve just got to accept that there are some…

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