So Simple, and Yet…

Brotherly Love

Easter Lily

I couldn’t resist taking a photograph of the Easter lily on the kitchen table. My only disappointment was that I couldn’t get close enough with my phone – I mean camera.

This is the shot I liked:

Photo - Easter Lily, Closeup

Looks simple and delicate.

Today’s experiment

It looked like it would be so simple to paint. The image is mainly white with details (if you could even call them details – more like shadings) in off-white or gray. The stamen and pistols, if I remember my elementary botany, also cast shadows on the white petals, but they were slightly different than those cast by the indentations in the petals themselves. The deeper part of the flower is in shadow, but it has a greenish cast to it.  I thought it would be really easy to paint the pistols with their crusty pollen grains. I remember thinking that one of my colors, English…

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