Gospel-Centered Blogging


Bloggers have developed an increasingly powerful voice in the Christian world, and many are doing great things to contribute to the mission of bringing the message of Christ to the world. Podcasting your favorite sermons and feed-reading your favorite blogs is now replacing the influence of radio preaching and televangelism in the lives of the next generation of Christians. In the same way that radio and and tv were prone to espousing heresy and distortions of the Gospel, so it goes with the internet, as it is easier then ever for extremists with a bone to pick to build a platform and share their information with the world. The Band of Bloggers is an attempt to gather (in the same way that the Gospel Coalition is gathering preachers, teachers and theologians) a core of writers with a Gospel-centered message, whose aim it is to contend for the faith and share the one true Gospel of…

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