The Sainted Popes

New Goliards

I saw some of the ceremony this morning on television at the behest of my wife. I walked many times up the Via della Conciliazione and across St Peter’s Square with hardly more than the company of pigeons. This morning, those areas were filled with people and the various police and security agencies paid for at great cost by the Italian civil authorities to protect the pilgrims and clergy.

I don’t relate to these big ceremonies of popular religion, and had a sense of sadness when I celebrated the Quasimodo Mass this morning. Should I give my opinion on John XXIII and John Paul II? I decided not to, but rather to keep silence. I saw such opinions expressed on traditionalist websites and felt alienated and revolted, and also by the “mega church” ceremony that had been somewhat self-consciously simplified by Pope Francis.

There is a lot of controversy about…

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