Queer Creation

I ask for wonder


This post has been written to participate in the queer theology synchroblog 2013

Earlier this year I was accused of blasphemy by a Christian group who had read a blog post on here about one of my paintings. This isn’t a tale of how I felt oppressed by homophobic attitudes in the church because I didn’t, instead I was interested in their critique of my work and where the accusation came from. One of the problems seemed to be that they felt I was equating the Eucharist with oral sex. As it happens I hadn’t thought of it that way but when I re–read my text I realised that there was plenty of room in the ambiguous way I had written for that interpretation to make sense. Perhaps that was the hidden intention of my subconscious all along (not that I’m assuming my subconscious is obsessed with oral sex…

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