lenten journey – one

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Lent starts on Wednesday.  As I have time over the next days, I want to publish a short series of posts that I hope give food for the greater openness to love that the season of penitence allows.  They need to be read together to articulate the sort of life that I believe we are called to live, the sort of life that is human.

We begin with Ruth Burrows on prayer:

“The essential act of prayer is to stand unprotected before God.  What will God do?  He will take possession of us.  That he should do this is the whole purpose of life.  We know we belong to God; we know too, if we are honest, that almost despite ourselves, we keep a deathly hold on our own autonomy.  We are willing, in fact very ready, to pay God lip-service (just as we are ready to talk about prayer…

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